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Grown here at Potomac Petals & Plants by our BioDynamic Farmer. No chemicals ever used. We grow our Microgreens hydroponically using Enagic Ionized 6.0ph water. Our Microgreens delivered to you LIVE, so they remain fresh and nutritious. Harvest just before use. We only buy our seeds from 100% non-GMO suppliers. 

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Nutritional Benefits of Microgreens.

How to Harvest Your LIVE Microgreens.

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What are Microgreens

Microgreens are young seedlings of herbs and vegetables harvested less than 14 days after germination. The microgreens are four to forty-fold more concentrated with nutrients than their mature plant.

Microgreens have immense flavor and a fresh crisp texture. To ensure that you receive the best and freshest Greens, we deliver them to you live for you to cut just prior to use. This ensures maximum flavor, maximum nutrients, and absolute freshness.

Potomac Petals & Plants live microgreens, petite greens, exotic herbs and edible flowers are delivered to our customers with roots attached to ensure freshness. Our Greens stay fresh in easy-to-maintain "Live Trays" for days. Untouched plant roots keep plants alive and ready to be harvested on demand – truly “farm to fork” or "seed to plate". 

We are a small artisan boutique greenery that takes pride in our one-to-one relationship with our customers. Our hands-on approach allows us to ensure you will always get the very best quality that mother nature has to offer.

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"...living micros have taken our

game to the next level. The flavor impact of herbs trimmed from a living state 10 seconds before they are used can not be overstated. The nutritional value is unmatched, the visual appeal is gorgeous, and the cost is next to nothing. All this while still being both local and sustainable. Nothing short of revolutionary”

- Chef Kevin Cauthorne Myth and Moonshine -

“I love using micro greens on all my dishes..."

- Chef Michael Correll Fleet Street Kitchen -