Vortex Brewed Compost Tea

What is Vortex Brewed Compost Tea?

Compost Tea is a living solution. It is the act of growing microbes in an aerated solution with food sources and mineral catalysts. When fed and aerated, beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and all of their microscopic friends contained in the soil food web begin to replicate to extraordinary concentrations. 

A Vortex Compost Tea Brewer not only creates living, organic compost tea, but it acts as an extractor, it will potentize fertilizer recipes, allow for perpetual brewing, and can stir BioEnergetic concoctions for anything from stimulating soil regeneration to concentrating pest or disease control applications.


What’s in Our Brew?

Earth Compound

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Earth Tonic

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Earth Syrup

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Earth Kelp

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Compost Tea Under A Microscope

Compost Tea Magnified 400x...It's Alive!!!

Harvard University Compost Tea

Making Compost Tea at Harvard University

Vortex Compost Tea Brewer

Vortex Brewing Compost Tea. This is the same method we use at Potomac Petals & Plants.